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1. How much does it cost to use OkCopay?
OkCopay is absolutely free to use. If you feel like giving back, please share the site with family and friends so that we can help more people save on their health care costs.
2. Who should use OkCopay?
If you don’t have health insurance or your plan doesn’t cover a particular procedure, OkCopay can help. Generally if you are on the hook for the entire cost of the procedure we can help you find great care at a great price.
3. I have health insurance. How will this site help me?
OkCopay is for anyone seeking to lower their out-of-pocket costs. It is particularly useful if you are seeking non-covered procedures or have a high-deductible health plan.
4. Doesn’t lower cost mean lower quality?
No. Countless studies show that there is absolutely no relationship between the cost paid for a procedure and its quality.
5. Does OkCopay guarantee prices?
We do not guarantee prices because OkCopay does not set the prices. However, we make a tremendous effort to provide you with accurate and current information. You should always call to confirm the prices in advanced of your appointment.
6. Where do you get the pricing data?
We source our prices directly from doctor offices, provider websites, claims databases, and community of users. We then standardize the data to make sure we are comparing "apples to apples". Our rigorous process is geared to provide you with the highest level of accuracy.
7. How often do you update your information?
Continually. We add to and edit our database on a weekly basis.
8. Why are there such huge price variations among local providers for the exact same procedure?
There are good reasons (physician credentials, technology that improves patient outcomes) and bad reasons (opaque marketplace, third party insurance system, market power of providers).
9. Are the providers on your site affiliated with or employed by OkCopay?
No. None of the health care professionals listed on the site are affiliated with or employed by OkCopay.
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